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What’s Blooming & Blushing at Greenology


Here are a few of our Air Plants that are blushing and blooming.

Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi below have a beautiful purple blush .

This is new in our collection…Schiedeana Major. Few are blooming right now. They span about 20 in long and some are bigger.


Right below are all the popular minis. There’s blushing Ionanthas, powdery red Velutina , Bergeri, Pseudobaileyi, Harrissi, Caput Medusae, and more!

We have plenty of Medium Velutina that are powdery to bright red.


A new one for us. Large Paucifolia are all in full bloom. They look amazing!


Also new below is a rare species which is a hybrid between a Xerographica and Fasciculata. It has a pretty pink blush and a central bloom. This one is huge and will get even bigger close to 30 inches wide. A show stopper!

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