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The Recycle Debate


The fact there is a growing voice against recycling was news to me. I thought we all pretty much decided it was a good thing that we all should do even if we don’t. After watching the topics I actually have to say I personally feel they have a few good points as to why this one fix all solution isn’t a great final solution. We had to start somewhere but perhaps now this tactical “solution” requires more surgical strategic “solutions” with an S.

The main point being made that I agree with is that if recycling a material takes more energy than making a new one then we need to reconsider this item is a good fit for mass recycling. As example glass is said to cost more energy to recycle then to make a new glass product. The idea is that they use use the same steps/energy to make the glass on top of a few steps/energy to remove the color and other additives not to mention the collection and sifting steps consumption. Glass I would think is a good fit to reuse not recycle in that it is harming the planet on the en mass intent to help.

In my opinion I think we do need to address recycling with some good studies and data to redetermine what makes a good material to recycle or simply just reuse personally or “locally”. We have very creative people in this country with no materials and the amazing things I’ve seen glass and aluminum reused for are amazing.

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My rule of thumb until my I’m educated otherwise we be reuse before I consider adding it to the mass collection recycle bins.