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Do you have a Drug Dealer or Medical Doctor?

drug vs medicine
drug vs medicine
drug vs medicine

Somehow in our culture two very different terms have merged and become grayish bringing about a great confusion among the ailing people. There was a time when we went to our doctors to be healed with medicine not doped drugs where did it go? There was a time we required and even paid/bartered them to fix our broken bodies not inject pharmaceutical snake oils to make us feel better.  There was a time when the traveling snake oil seller was strung up or tarred/feather because they tricked a loved one into taking a substance that did not resolve the ail. I don’t suggest that doctors prescribe snake oils, I suggest that we somehow started accepting more potent snake oils, even at time demanding them because we simply want to feel better. There was a time when we gave time for our bodies to heal instead of the quick non fix.

Looking at the definitions of a drug versus a medicine, they are not the same thing but most in our society most view them as the same.

Wikipedia Definitions:

A drug is, in the broadest of terms, a chemical substance that has known biological effects on humans or other animals. Foods are generally excluded from this definition, in spite of their physiological effects on animal species.

Medicine (British English) is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. The word medicine is derived from Latin medicus, meaning “a physician”. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

So I submit that anything prescribed to you that does not “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” is not medicine but a snake oil drug. If it promotes healing or even related to the process than it is medicine, if it makes us feel good and has not relationship to healing then it is merely a profitable snake oil procedural or chemical drug. Plastic surgery can make you feel better but it does not heal so it is not a medical procedure but snake oil hiding the soul. A statin drug can bring down your cholesterol by attacking the livers production but it does not heal your cholesterol imbalance, research showing it does not extend life but swaps the cause of death make it a bait and switch snake oil at best. Corticosteroids may reduce inflation by inhibiting the immune system which feels great but does not “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness” thus more snake oil from the cart. These are classes of powerful drugs that replace little understood functions of the body thus should be last line emergency room injections in that they at times can randomly save life or cause death. Never should they be handed out like candy to sick desperate adults who know nothing of the long term damage they cause.

One must make up their own mind if they feel man is yet smart enough to replace functions of the body. Perhaps you must watch doctors do their big pharma parrot routine, lead a loved one down a path science doesn’t understand and watch them give up and finally admit they are clueless on your bodies physiology. Maybe you need to see that early pompous confidence magically poof away as they admit none of the snake oils are “maintaining nor restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“. Perhaps gaze into the eye of a patient with a toxic weak body unable to form words let alone udder one… “fraud, racket, charlatan or snake oil swindler”.

Snake Oil Drugs
Snake Oil Drugs

Snake Oil
Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is themselves a fraud, quack, charlatan, or the like.The use of snake oil long predates the 19th century, and it was never confined to the Americas. In Europe, viper oil had been commonly recommended for many afflictions, including the ones for which rattlesnake oil was subsequently favored


What is the difference between non medical legal and illegal drugs? What is the difference between the mindsets of going to the doctor to only feel better or the street illegal drug dealer to cover up your depression with narcotics? Other then jail time of course…  Narcotics like many classes of other chemical drugs do not in any way “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” What about alcohol, is it “ism” mentality to drink alcohol to feel better after a bad day? or a cigarette? Knowing none of these like drugs have anything to do with the body healing. I always say pick your poison because we all do but what if you pay a professional and they choose poison not healing for you? Did you pick the drug or did they pick it with your blind trust even though you signed the snake oil waiver of rights? What level of service do we require from the doctor for our children? How often do you ask if a prescription will help heal the root cause of the visit or just resolve a symptom? Do you ask if the prescription could potentially delay healing as a trade off for immediately feeling better? Do you look up the drug or get a second opinion on its use in your condition? Does your doctor know the side effects of the drug as well as the last 60 seconds of the commercial does? All actions and question you might want to ask yourself in seeking a professional to “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“.

I grew up on the outskirts of Washington DC when crack cocaine hit the street. Unfortunately it dawned into a growing culture of people looking for a bigger and better fix to temporarily escape the pains of life fueling it’s success. In a short period of the time the exponential customer growth developed a demand that pitted drug business against drug business landing DC with a new title. No longer was it just the capital of the free world but also the murder capital of the nation “because drug dealers can’t hire lawyers” to quote a wise politician.  The need or “ISM” to use drugs to escape/feel better is not new it began with witch doctors and is still just as destructive in legal format as illegal. An illegal drug addict spends their time not resolving/escaping the life issue that made drug use so alluring allowing the real problem to become worse by not being addressed. The same applies to the legal side of drug use in feeling better after taking the drugs allowing the actual problem to go unaddressed. With many chemical drugs their effect on the immune system, which does most of the healing in the body becomes impaired, diverted or useless after the snake oils are swallowed. Too often death being the resolve of lazy unprofessional healing practices treating the symptoms not “maintaining and restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“. At least the illegal drug dealer practices blatant honesty as opposed to silence or even ignorance of the drugs design to completely mask the problem and avoid healing. At least they stop before calling themselves professional healers as opposed to just businessmen.

I’m not telling people to question their doctors. I warning people to actually interrogate them like you would any contractor you hire…. unfortunately in this age all to often when you just trust your getting the best service you end up with something substandard. What is the wisdom in micromanaging your landscape contractor to get a pristine yard and dropping your guard with your health contractor for a body addicted to chemicals? Have you ever asked the contractor for references, what does his yard look like? How about the doctor? It has been said that doctor mortality rate is higher then patients. Have you asked you doctor are they physically or mentally addicted to any regular drugs also? Have you heard the saying “Blind leading the blind?” Have they succeeded after their many years of education under big Pharma in “maintaining and restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” in their own body? Many doctors only have only a few minutes for the patients that don’t demand quality service, don’t be that guy or gal and certainly not that parent. Consider making your goal of having doctor…. to not need having a doctor. Being over 40 without a doctor is something I’m proud of and it begun when I started asking my doctor quality question that anyone prescribing chemicals should know the answers to not just allowing them to recite the answers taught by chemical drug companies on a test.  Like patients on cocktails of dozens of drugs who healed magically after stop taking drugs… or the street addict who’s life got back on track after going sober I haven’t taken a drug in almost a decade and interestingly enough not taking drugs seemed to have resolved my need for them…. mhhhhh

Wisdom is reducing the chemicals in our natural body and getting out of your healers way(the immune system), especially ones that have no other healing benefit then a high or feeling better… much less those with side effects such as suicide or sudden death. RIP to my two over medicated hero’s my father Thomas Hay and Robyn Williams both went to a medical system that failed them but succeeded at dealing drugs for big pharma. Feel better treating symptoms “ISM” practices will not only take our wealthiest stars but our closest loved ones. Billions in the bank can’t stop a chronic illness after you toss away your bodies natural environment and functions that have healed for 2.5 billion years on the faith that “drug doctors” will be “medical doctors” unchallenged. Find an ND or MD that actually pledges to do no harm as opposed to not be the chemical pharmaceutical companies mouth piece for general public research.

Contrary to News Headlines, Robin Williams Was on Drugs at the Time of His Death—Antidepressant Drugs

Kenyatte Hay
Naturalist Blogger
“Carrying the title of a medical doctor but preforming a premeditated role for pharmaceutical companies is not only false advertisement but far worse a crime than any illegal drug dealer on any street. The theft of hope is the greatest immoral crime on a practice of 0 ethics.” Kenyatte Hay
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