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Broccoli is man made… Should we Eat Broccoli?


Where did Broccoli Come From?

According to Wikipedia: “Broccoli is a result of careful breeding of cultivated leafy cole crops in the northern Mediterranean starting in about the 6th century BC.[5] Since the time of the Roman Empire, broccoli has been considered a uniquely valuable food among Italians.”
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Are Hybrids and GMO unnatural?

A GMO is a genetically modified biological substance that could not have possibly come about in nature. An unnatural process was used to bring together genes that were not designed to be together on the earth. They often have damaged DNA resulting from the inclusion and can have unintended and unpredictable results. Hybrids come about by man or nature naturally breeding plants of compatible DNA. If the breeder tries to breed plants that are not compatible naturally then the project fails. Nature creates hybrids every second of every day being one of the ways evolution works to create new species more adapted to the environment.

Should I eat Broccoli? Should I feed it to my kids.

Every plant is both poison and medicinal based on the amount you eat because of the compounds within. Personally, my body didn’t come from another planet nor a laboratory thus it has evolved to utilize what its gets from plants to solve problems in my “mammal like” body.  Eat too little and my body can’t solve 200,000 year old problems and if I eat too much it can’t solve 200,000 year old problems.  Chronic illness is mostly the result of not eating what a “mammal like” body needs to solve problems.

As an example cancer in my mammal body is it’s upgrade system, it mutating cells is one way of creating new features to help it’s species to adapt to the environment. However most features fail and need to destroyed thus my 200,000 year old cleanup system, modern doctors call the components of it they understand as an immune system. That immune system is one of the millions of systems in my “mammal like” body that thrives on not only the minerals and vitamins in a cooked plant but also the living enzymes and compounds in a raw living plant.

If my “mammal like” ancestors ate it then my” mammal like” body needs it today. Broccoli, having come from those ancestral plants and still has the genetics and some or all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and brocco unique compounds. It is an genetics experiment in the same way eating apples from different trees are. Because they are all unique have different DNA as the evolve generation to generation and even through clone mutations  genetics. They all have the same look and shape but each is distinct and make a different cocktail of compounds in minute percentages.

Broccoli is one of my favorite foods because I get cravings for it. Science now explains why we get cravings and the human reward system for eating what you crave.   At times when I see some…  I want to bite it raw and I salivate.  And other times I get no cravings ad could care less if I eat it.  How did that happen I ask myself being a kid and adult who hated vegetables? In my 30’s I significantly cut back foods made by food chemists with sugars and natural compounds made to invoke my bodies reward system. Being a great business plan, the chemist uses a humans body to trick them into eating any products over and over regardless of if the nutrition is present. This reward system in evolution is used to encourage mammals to eat more of a food their  “mammal like” body needs to solve internal problems. This it is one of the ways our bodies communicate with us.

Like a plant there are 2 methods to feed our bodies either force feeding by a farmer of strategic feeding by symbiotic relationships between the plant and fungi/microbiology. One way the plants evolved to eat to ensure they have all they need to fight disease, develop pesticides, moisture saving saps, etc. The other way is an experiment in feeding plants how they have never been fed devoid of microbiology but chemistry. With my minimal human brain capacity it’s obvious one way seems to be supported because it sells fertilizer and bagged minerals. The other is highly focused in ways we don’t even have the knowledge of how, let alone technology to understand or replicate.  The same applies to my “mammal like” body, for 200,000 years it used cravings and salivating to tell me what I need to eat. Ie. Look at a new forming apple on a tree all nasty looking and gnarled up… however look at a large ripe red juicy apple… that sensation to bite it can be trusted like the sensation to avoid the unripened one. Same with a green forming tomato and a ripe colorful one. Without these learned instincts that became genetic tools we would have died of long ago.

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I trust the 200,000 years and my bodies readjustments away from eating tricky chemist processed foods. My body is now communicating with me when it needs us to eat something with certain compounds. I was raised on processed foods that confused and prevented my body from communicating with my over what it needs. Eating for taste is what puts the C in Chronic illness based all in immune system deficiencies. Thus my body is now solving problem like colds, flu viruses, headaches before I can recognize any symptoms. My body loves broccoli and it works better now than when i was in my teens with in-tacked telomeres and active stem cells.

It is very possible there are humans who have “mammal like” bodies that evolved far from broccoli’s natural ancestors who have bad responses to it. They shouldn’t eat it. The paramount point is to:
#1. Stop eating processed foods to a percentage when your body can’t communicate with you.
#2. Then trust what your body tells you. Your on the same side unlike anyone else.

No one else on the planet has your genetics nor do we have the technology to know the affect of everything on everyone.



Disclaimer: Man is the one of the newest creatures on the planet and he has only begun to have the technology to study natural processes. The person whether they wear a tie die shirt or lab coat can’t possibly know anything much deeper than observation and the limits of our technology, which tends to tells us how much we don’t understand. My credentials are base on my body and my genetics in which I have not seen a doctor in over a decade, I’m over 40, not taken a medication/drug in over 10 years and have not had any sickness include a cold or anything deemed common. A few years ago I had a sore throat for a few hours which I think came from dust. In my experience the human body is not designed for sickness but it’s designed to thrive on our environment and what we have eaten for 200,00 years.