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Bougainvillea Bonsai FAQ in Cold States



Is it hard to grow tropical bonsai?
Tropical bonsai are the easiest bonsai to grow indoors because they need no outdoor cold cycle. They can just be placed in a window with no special winter preparation. Like mom does her house plants.

When do they flower?

Bouganvillea will flower on and off perpetually when they have enough light and warmth.

How long will they live?
Well cared for they will outlive you.

Do I need to prune it?

It’s good to prune your bougainvillea once a year after it stops flowering. Prune back long stems and any thorns.

How often do I repot it?

When you see roots protruding from the soil or drainage hole. A good rule of thumb is every 2 years.

How often do I feed it?

We grow our bonsai naturally so early spring prior to the 1st growth cycle is when you want to add a little organic input to the top of the soil.

When do I water it?bougainvillea flower

Simple, after the soil dries out… give it more water. In the winter, if your house is dry it will be more often just like in the summer heat. On average this could be twice a week.

How much light does it need?

For the best growth full sun or a sunny window will allow your bougainvillea to thrive.

Can I take it outside?

Yes, your bougainvillea will appreciate going outside in the spring after temperatures are well above freezing. When you take it out, place it in a part sun location for a week before moving it to full sun. Part sun is also good during the really hot dry summer days over 90 degrees.

What color are the flowers?

They come in many different colors.

How do I repot and prune?

Greenology will support you in your plant adoptions. We will give you a quick instruction on re-potting or bring your tree back in and we will do it with you.

Bougainvillea hail from Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The modern world came to know them by Louise Antoine de Bougainville as he circumnavigated the earth collecting specimens. It is believed that the first modern eyes to fall on this amazing plant were Jeanne Bare’s. She was famous for being the first woman to circumnavigate the world. She was disguised as a man because woman were not allowed on such voyages.