Teardrop Woodland Terrarium with Rope


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Teardrop Woodland Terrarium with Rope
Height: 10 in| Body Diameter: 5 in | Opening Diameter: 2 in | Rope: 20 in

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Bring natural green beauty to your home with our planted Teardrop Woodland Terrarium. This glass garden is planted with mostly tropical foliage that thrives on humid and mid to low light environment. They’re adorned with living moss, lichens, gravel, rocks, found branches, and more.

Caring for your Terrarium
Open Terrarium   Gently water with use of a turkey baster, spoon, or syringe directed at the base of the plant when soil is dry. A dry soil is lighter in color and has no moisture. This is easily observed through the glass.
Closed Terrarium    Gently water using the above method only when the soil is dry. This may take 1 to 3 months or even longer.

Light Needs
 They will thrive in a medium to low light room or a bright room with no direct sun.

Remove dead materials and spent flowers. May need trimming to maintain a tidy appearance.

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