Ocean Treasures Air Plant Terrarium



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Ocean Treasures Air Plant Terrarium


Available in the following terrarium vessel size

Footed Orb
Height: 6.75 in | Body Diameter: 5 in

Large Orb
Height: 8 in | Body Diameter: 7 in

Small Orb
Height: 4.5 in | Body Diameter: 4 in

Height: 5.5 in | Body Diameter: 2.75 in

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We brought together the wonders of the ocean and beauty of unique plants in this Ocean Treasures Air Plant Footed Orb Terrarium. This air plant terrarium have sand as base and adorned with different types of found shells, driftwood,  rocks, gravel, and more.

Care Guide
Caring for Air Plants is relatively easy. Just soak the air plant in a bowl filled with water at least once a week and allow to dry before placing back in terrarium. Preferable to use spring water, rain water, or dechlorinated water ( tap water sitting for 24 hours to allow chlorine gas to evaporate)

Light Needs  
Medium to bright room with no direct sun.


Please contact us at 267.544.5614 or email us at greenologyorganicliving@gmail.com for any inquiries.



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Terrarium Design

Footed Orb Ocean Treasures 1, Footed Orb Ocean Treasures 2, Large Hanging Orb Ocean Treasures 1, Large Hanging Orb Ocean Treasures 2, Small Hanging Orb Ocean Treasures 1, Small Hanging Orb Ocean Treasures 2, Teardrop Ocean Treasures 1, Teardrop Ocean Treasures 2


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