Natural Grown Organic Stevia Plant


Natural grown organic stevia is sweeter than sugar and healthiest eat by leaf non manufactured. Our stevia is grown in organic living soil and fed organic inputs only. Easy to grow, safe and delicious in tea, salads and treats.

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Natural grown organic stevia plant grown in organic soil and fed only bone meal. All plants 4″ – 6″ and only ship spring to late fall so get your stevia now.

Eating natural stevia leaves are the healthiest way to get a burst of sweetness naturally without the dangers of processed sugar or addivitives in powdered stevia. Harvesting your stevia is easier than making a pot of organic coffee.

1. Plug the leaves
2. Place them in the sun for 24 hours
3. Place them in a coffee grinder
4. Use the powder as you would sugar

Natural grown organic stevia plant is great as a tea all by itself, wonderful for sweetening up salads, amazing on baked goods or for mixed drinks. It has a long shelf life and is 30 times sweeter than sugar with almost 0 calories. Natural grown organic stevia plant is non GMO, glten free and has many sterols and antioxidant compounds like triterpenes, tannins, flavonoids,  flavonoid polyphenolic anti-oxidant phyto-chemical kaempferol. The American journal of epidemiology found Kaempferol can reduce risk of pancreatic cancer.(Mulitethnic Cohort Study)

It is shown to reduce blood glucose levels as well as helps with high blood pressure. Contains many vitamins and minerals.

Your natural grown organic stevia plant can be over wintered in a bright window or dormant in a cool place. Gorw this herb and prune/harvest it the same way you would basil. Cut about a growth node and always only prune back 30% to ensure you do not shock the plant but also get a swift reharvest.

Historical natural organic stevia plants have been used in south America for weight lose, reduce inflammation, for depression and wound treatment.



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