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greenology’s Molecular Square stands as an eye-catching and versatile piece that can be hung in any room – above the kitchen table, in an office space, the cube can also be set upon the floor, even next to a fireplace. Just the right choice for a gift, this rustic yet eye-catching home decoration is one of two pieces in the molecular figure collection and is perfect for a beach house, the house of an artsy friend, or any home décor addict’s dream room adding a beautiful chic subtlety to any area. greenology’s Molecular Square and Molecular Triangle are made from salvaged wood spheres and Indian chapatti rolling pins, uniquely dented and shaped by the culture and life in India, and can be prominently displayed using either one of greenology’s 12-inch or 36-inch metal chains. The Molecular Square measures 18 x 18 x 15 inches; do not expose to outdoor weather.


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