Hanging Tillandsia Airplant Jellyfish Urchin


Hanging tillandsia airplant jellyfish looking hanging arrangement that fits the size of most tillandsia. A unique fun way to display your airplants.




Hanging tillandsia airplant, air fern hanging arrangement. Hung on clear monafilament line, which is included ready to be decorate your space. Hanging tillandsia is the natural and best way to grow them because it mimics their natural growing need to pull nutrient from the air with each breeze. Tillandsia pull all their nutrients from the air so they need good air flow.

Tillandsia recently became popular from a NASA report on air quality which listed them as one of the best indoor air cleaning plants known. Since then they have been appearing across the united states like back in the 70’s. Most air plants come from Florida and South America.

Hanging tillandsia flower once a year and divide when they are doing well. Hang your hanging tillandsia in bright but not full sun windows. In nature they under the canopy of the forest so don’t enjoy full sun all day. Mostly shade is their home.

When your tillandsia has it’s baby plants simply break them off water them and care for the as you do the parent plant. Air plants need to be bathed once a week for 20 minutes in a bowl of non chlorinated water. If all you have is tap water then let the water sit out over night in order to let all the gas escape. After water make sure to shake gently or place on a paper tower for a few minutes to allow the to dry out well. Water sitting on or in your air plant will certainly take it’s life.

We carry a good variety of hanging tillandsia and hanging planters. Tillandsia can only be shipped in the spring through fall. They are not frost tolerant and require shelter in the winters if you are above the frost zone. ENjoy you tillandsia and make sure they get plenty of air flow.



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