4 pot Orchid Planter Floating Island


Orchid floating mountains planter with 4 mini orchid planter. Island design orchid pot with center opening and side drainage humidity tray.




Orchid floating mountains are orchid pots made to look like natural bodies which are a great way to display orchids. Growing them in string gardens allows for a more natural look and natural height as they grown in nature. Increased air flow from your orchids planter being higher up is preferable for plant health. This planter can also sit on a desktop.

Mini orchids can be planted in this planter or left in their plastic humidity pots then concealed in this planter. Water the orchid is best done with an ice cube 2 times a week or using a mister. The orchid planter includes side drainage to prevent over watering as well as function as a humidity tray.


4 mini orchids
4 pot mountain
string attached for hanging

Root Escape Holes:
As opposed to your orchid getting root bound, in an aerial pot we have designs for those who want to pot the orchid directly in the pot so the root can escape and hang down as they do growing on trees.

Frequent Asked Questions
Orchid Floating Mountain FAQ

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Orchid Escape Holes

No Root Escape Holes, With Root Escape Holes


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