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Tillie Tuesday – Weekly Introduction of New Air Plant

                                                      Large Tillandsia Paucifolia in bloom


Also known as the Potbelly Air Plant. This species is native to Central America, Central and Southern Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, the West Indies, and Florida. It’s foliage is silvery-gray, on long pseudo bulbs, twisted and narrowing into curved ends. Beautiful blooms up to 2-4 lateral spike with a dozen or two lavender tubular petals. Best grown upside down and sideways, with size reaching close to 14 inches long. Could tolerate high light conditions. The best way to water this type of air plant with pseudo bulb base, is by dipping quickly in water and allowing to dry fully in an upside down position to prevent stagnant water at its base and causing bottom rot. Do this several times a week.

We currently have large and X large  blooming Paucifolia at Greenology store and online.

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What’s Blooming & Blushing at Greenology


Here are a few of our Air Plants that are blushing and blooming.

Tillandsia Pseudobaileyi below have a beautiful purple blush .

This is new in our collection…Schiedeana Major. Few are blooming right now. They span about 20 in long and some are bigger.


Right below are all the popular minis. There’s blushing Ionanthas, powdery red Velutina , Bergeri, Pseudobaileyi, Harrissi, Caput Medusae, and more!

We have plenty of Medium Velutina that are powdery to bright red.


A new one for us. Large Paucifolia are all in full bloom. They look amazing!


Also new below is a rare species which is a hybrid between a Xerographica and Fasciculata. It has a pretty pink blush and a central bloom. This one is huge and will get even bigger close to 30 inches wide. A show stopper!


Dark Chocolate Strawberry Banana Smoothie


A healthy chocolate smoothie to embrace any lover of chocolate and strawberries. This smoothie is gret to put a smile on your face but also strengthen your immune system and satisfy the tummy without the horrible side effect of sugar.


Minty Apple Sunshine Smootie


For 200,000 years we ate natural and raw foods for breakfast being the most critical meal of the day it empowers our immune systems to fight of all the disease causing conditions we encounter all day long. One of the biggest experiments in the history of the human race was to take a creature who always ate raw highly nutritious foods for breakfast and programmed it to eat cook low nutritious dead foods.  Enjoy your smoothie, your immune system will thank you.


No Time For Cancer Green Tea Trail Mix Smoothie


Modern cancer is a disease of malnutrition and exposure to carcinogens. Thus prevention is limiting your exposure and eating the natural compounds found in plants that our immune systems evolved to solve problems like cancer. This is a great smoothie for a quick on the go anti-cancer raw breakfast and lunch . While all raw foods strengthen your immune system the keys in the recipe are green tea and nuts(walnuts, pecans and peanuts). They have all been studied and show various anti-cancerous properties on their own.  Use as much of these 2 as you like to taste but this is my recipe for healthy deliciousness.
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Cucumber Green Tea


Cucumber taste good has plenty of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C giving you energy and keeping skin soft and radiant. Going back to ancient days… cucumbers were boiled in water have been used to reduced stress effect. In today’s world with almost 30% of our country on anti-depressants we all need less stress before heading into the office to produce the TPS reports. Various studies have also shown it’s anti-cancerous affects.

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Orchid Floating Mountains


4 pot orchid mountainBalanced on 2 invisible lines and locally American made from mostly natural materials hand formed to look like anything natural but a pot. Our orchid pots have side drainage to allow for a 1/4-1/2 of water acting as a humidity tray making care easier. The pots naturally absorb water and releases it slowly back to the plant helping to keep your orchid moisture naturally consistent.

Being lightweight almost any hook can hold the single and double pot. 3 and 4 holder pots require a hook to hold 4-8 lbs. Support the mountain from the bottom as you hang it. You can hang the mountain horizontally level of slightly vertical to give a different perspective by adding an extra loop of string on the hook for extra friction.

Like any plant select the method that works best for your habits. Use a mister, turkey baster or ice cubes twice a week or as needed to keep the moss visually moist.

You can get a second bloom from your orchid often enough if you cut the flower off before the stem dries out. Cut the stem above the 3rd node to entice one of the node to bud and make a new flower stem.

Standard mini orchid plugAfter Bloom:
Most of our mountains simply have the orchid sitting in them inside their own orchid pot. After your orchid bloom is gone, you can pull the plant out and place a new blooming mini orchid in. After you have a few mini orchids in this standard size pots (sold in most grocery stores) you should always have a blooming orchid to place in your mountain.

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Bougainvillea Bonsai FAQ in Cold States



Is it hard to grow tropical bonsai?
Tropical bonsai are the easiest bonsai to grow indoors because they need no outdoor cold cycle. They can just be placed in a window with no special winter preparation. Like mom does her house plants.

When do they flower?

Bouganvillea will flower on and off perpetually when they have enough light and warmth.

How long will they live?
Well cared for they will outlive you.

Do I need to prune it?

It’s good to prune your bougainvillea once a year after it stops flowering. Prune back long stems and any thorns.

How often do I repot it?

When you see roots protruding from the soil or drainage hole. A good rule of thumb is every 2 years.

How often do I feed it?

We grow our bonsai naturally so early spring prior to the 1st growth cycle is when you want to add a little organic input to the top of the soil.

When do I water it?bougainvillea flower

Simple, after the soil dries out… give it more water. In the winter, if your house is dry it will be more often just like in the summer heat. On average this could be twice a week.

How much light does it need?

For the best growth full sun or a sunny window will allow your bougainvillea to thrive.

Can I take it outside?

Yes, your bougainvillea will appreciate going outside in the spring after temperatures are well above freezing. When you take it out, place it in a part sun location for a week before moving it to full sun. Part sun is also good during the really hot dry summer days over 90 degrees.

What color are the flowers?

They come in many different colors.

How do I repot and prune?

Greenology will support you in your plant adoptions. We will give you a quick instruction on re-potting or bring your tree back in and we will do it with you.

Bougainvillea hail from Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The modern world came to know them by Louise Antoine de Bougainville as he circumnavigated the earth collecting specimens. It is believed that the first modern eyes to fall on this amazing plant were Jeanne Bare’s. She was famous for being the first woman to circumnavigate the world. She was disguised as a man because woman were not allowed on such voyages.

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Broccoli is man made… Should we Eat Broccoli?


Where did Broccoli Come From?

According to Wikipedia: “Broccoli is a result of careful breeding of cultivated leafy cole crops in the northern Mediterranean starting in about the 6th century BC.[5] Since the time of the Roman Empire, broccoli has been considered a uniquely valuable food among Italians.”
mustard to broccoli

Are Hybrids and GMO unnatural?

A GMO is a genetically modified biological substance that could not have possibly come about in nature. An unnatural process was used to bring together genes that were not designed to be together on the earth. They often have damaged DNA resulting from the inclusion and can have unintended and unpredictable results. Hybrids come about by man or nature naturally breeding plants of compatible DNA. If the breeder tries to breed plants that are not compatible naturally then the project fails. Nature creates hybrids every second of every day being one of the ways evolution works to create new species more adapted to the environment.

Should I eat Broccoli? Should I feed it to my kids.

Every plant is both poison and medicinal based on the amount you eat because of the compounds within. Personally, my body didn’t come from another planet nor a laboratory thus it has evolved to utilize what its gets from plants to solve problems in my “mammal like” body.  Eat too little and my body can’t solve 200,000 year old problems and if I eat too much it can’t solve 200,000 year old problems.  Chronic illness is mostly the result of not eating what a “mammal like” body needs to solve problems.

As an example cancer in my mammal body is it’s upgrade system, it mutating cells is one way of creating new features to help it’s species to adapt to the environment. However most features fail and need to destroyed thus my 200,000 year old cleanup system, modern doctors call the components of it they understand as an immune system. That immune system is one of the millions of systems in my “mammal like” body that thrives on not only the minerals and vitamins in a cooked plant but also the living enzymes and compounds in a raw living plant.

If my “mammal like” ancestors ate it then my” mammal like” body needs it today. Broccoli, having come from those ancestral plants and still has the genetics and some or all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and brocco unique compounds. It is an genetics experiment in the same way eating apples from different trees are. Because they are all unique have different DNA as the evolve generation to generation and even through clone mutations  genetics. They all have the same look and shape but each is distinct and make a different cocktail of compounds in minute percentages.

Broccoli is one of my favorite foods because I get cravings for it. Science now explains why we get cravings and the human reward system for eating what you crave.   At times when I see some…  I want to bite it raw and I salivate.  And other times I get no cravings ad could care less if I eat it.  How did that happen I ask myself being a kid and adult who hated vegetables? In my 30’s I significantly cut back foods made by food chemists with sugars and natural compounds made to invoke my bodies reward system. Being a great business plan, the chemist uses a humans body to trick them into eating any products over and over regardless of if the nutrition is present. This reward system in evolution is used to encourage mammals to eat more of a food their  “mammal like” body needs to solve internal problems. This it is one of the ways our bodies communicate with us.

Like a plant there are 2 methods to feed our bodies either force feeding by a farmer of strategic feeding by symbiotic relationships between the plant and fungi/microbiology. One way the plants evolved to eat to ensure they have all they need to fight disease, develop pesticides, moisture saving saps, etc. The other way is an experiment in feeding plants how they have never been fed devoid of microbiology but chemistry. With my minimal human brain capacity it’s obvious one way seems to be supported because it sells fertilizer and bagged minerals. The other is highly focused in ways we don’t even have the knowledge of how, let alone technology to understand or replicate.  The same applies to my “mammal like” body, for 200,000 years it used cravings and salivating to tell me what I need to eat. Ie. Look at a new forming apple on a tree all nasty looking and gnarled up… however look at a large ripe red juicy apple… that sensation to bite it can be trusted like the sensation to avoid the unripened one. Same with a green forming tomato and a ripe colorful one. Without these learned instincts that became genetic tools we would have died of long ago.

tree, food, eating, red, leaf, healthy, apple, fruit, green, garden, vegetable, nature, freshness, gardening, branch, ripe, crop, orchard, autumn, agriculture, season, harvesting, plant

I trust the 200,000 years and my bodies readjustments away from eating tricky chemist processed foods. My body is now communicating with me when it needs us to eat something with certain compounds. I was raised on processed foods that confused and prevented my body from communicating with my over what it needs. Eating for taste is what puts the C in Chronic illness based all in immune system deficiencies. Thus my body is now solving problem like colds, flu viruses, headaches before I can recognize any symptoms. My body loves broccoli and it works better now than when i was in my teens with in-tacked telomeres and active stem cells.

It is very possible there are humans who have “mammal like” bodies that evolved far from broccoli’s natural ancestors who have bad responses to it. They shouldn’t eat it. The paramount point is to:
#1. Stop eating processed foods to a percentage when your body can’t communicate with you.
#2. Then trust what your body tells you. Your on the same side unlike anyone else.

No one else on the planet has your genetics nor do we have the technology to know the affect of everything on everyone.



Disclaimer: Man is the one of the newest creatures on the planet and he has only begun to have the technology to study natural processes. The person whether they wear a tie die shirt or lab coat can’t possibly know anything much deeper than observation and the limits of our technology, which tends to tells us how much we don’t understand. My credentials are base on my body and my genetics in which I have not seen a doctor in over a decade, I’m over 40, not taken a medication/drug in over 10 years and have not had any sickness include a cold or anything deemed common. A few years ago I had a sore throat for a few hours which I think came from dust. In my experience the human body is not designed for sickness but it’s designed to thrive on our environment and what we have eaten for 200,00 years.

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Do you have a Drug Dealer or Medical Doctor?

drug vs medicine
drug vs medicine
drug vs medicine

Somehow in our culture two very different terms have merged and become grayish bringing about a great confusion among the ailing people. There was a time when we went to our doctors to be healed with medicine not doped drugs where did it go? There was a time we required and even paid/bartered them to fix our broken bodies not inject pharmaceutical snake oils to make us feel better.  There was a time when the traveling snake oil seller was strung up or tarred/feather because they tricked a loved one into taking a substance that did not resolve the ail. I don’t suggest that doctors prescribe snake oils, I suggest that we somehow started accepting more potent snake oils, even at time demanding them because we simply want to feel better. There was a time when we gave time for our bodies to heal instead of the quick non fix.

Looking at the definitions of a drug versus a medicine, they are not the same thing but most in our society most view them as the same.

Wikipedia Definitions:

A drug is, in the broadest of terms, a chemical substance that has known biological effects on humans or other animals. Foods are generally excluded from this definition, in spite of their physiological effects on animal species.

Medicine (British English) is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. The word medicine is derived from Latin medicus, meaning “a physician”. Medicine encompasses a variety of health care practices evolved to maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

So I submit that anything prescribed to you that does not “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” is not medicine but a snake oil drug. If it promotes healing or even related to the process than it is medicine, if it makes us feel good and has not relationship to healing then it is merely a profitable snake oil procedural or chemical drug. Plastic surgery can make you feel better but it does not heal so it is not a medical procedure but snake oil hiding the soul. A statin drug can bring down your cholesterol by attacking the livers production but it does not heal your cholesterol imbalance, research showing it does not extend life but swaps the cause of death make it a bait and switch snake oil at best. Corticosteroids may reduce inflation by inhibiting the immune system which feels great but does not “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness” thus more snake oil from the cart. These are classes of powerful drugs that replace little understood functions of the body thus should be last line emergency room injections in that they at times can randomly save life or cause death. Never should they be handed out like candy to sick desperate adults who know nothing of the long term damage they cause.

One must make up their own mind if they feel man is yet smart enough to replace functions of the body. Perhaps you must watch doctors do their big pharma parrot routine, lead a loved one down a path science doesn’t understand and watch them give up and finally admit they are clueless on your bodies physiology. Maybe you need to see that early pompous confidence magically poof away as they admit none of the snake oils are “maintaining nor restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“. Perhaps gaze into the eye of a patient with a toxic weak body unable to form words let alone udder one… “fraud, racket, charlatan or snake oil swindler”.

Snake Oil Drugs
Snake Oil Drugs

Snake Oil
Snake oil is an expression that originally referred to fraudulent health products or unproven medicine but has come to refer to any product with questionable or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, a snake oil salesman is someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is themselves a fraud, quack, charlatan, or the like.The use of snake oil long predates the 19th century, and it was never confined to the Americas. In Europe, viper oil had been commonly recommended for many afflictions, including the ones for which rattlesnake oil was subsequently favored


What is the difference between non medical legal and illegal drugs? What is the difference between the mindsets of going to the doctor to only feel better or the street illegal drug dealer to cover up your depression with narcotics? Other then jail time of course…  Narcotics like many classes of other chemical drugs do not in any way “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” What about alcohol, is it “ism” mentality to drink alcohol to feel better after a bad day? or a cigarette? Knowing none of these like drugs have anything to do with the body healing. I always say pick your poison because we all do but what if you pay a professional and they choose poison not healing for you? Did you pick the drug or did they pick it with your blind trust even though you signed the snake oil waiver of rights? What level of service do we require from the doctor for our children? How often do you ask if a prescription will help heal the root cause of the visit or just resolve a symptom? Do you ask if the prescription could potentially delay healing as a trade off for immediately feeling better? Do you look up the drug or get a second opinion on its use in your condition? Does your doctor know the side effects of the drug as well as the last 60 seconds of the commercial does? All actions and question you might want to ask yourself in seeking a professional to “maintain and restore health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“.

I grew up on the outskirts of Washington DC when crack cocaine hit the street. Unfortunately it dawned into a growing culture of people looking for a bigger and better fix to temporarily escape the pains of life fueling it’s success. In a short period of the time the exponential customer growth developed a demand that pitted drug business against drug business landing DC with a new title. No longer was it just the capital of the free world but also the murder capital of the nation “because drug dealers can’t hire lawyers” to quote a wise politician.  The need or “ISM” to use drugs to escape/feel better is not new it began with witch doctors and is still just as destructive in legal format as illegal. An illegal drug addict spends their time not resolving/escaping the life issue that made drug use so alluring allowing the real problem to become worse by not being addressed. The same applies to the legal side of drug use in feeling better after taking the drugs allowing the actual problem to go unaddressed. With many chemical drugs their effect on the immune system, which does most of the healing in the body becomes impaired, diverted or useless after the snake oils are swallowed. Too often death being the resolve of lazy unprofessional healing practices treating the symptoms not “maintaining and restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.“. At least the illegal drug dealer practices blatant honesty as opposed to silence or even ignorance of the drugs design to completely mask the problem and avoid healing. At least they stop before calling themselves professional healers as opposed to just businessmen.

I’m not telling people to question their doctors. I warning people to actually interrogate them like you would any contractor you hire…. unfortunately in this age all to often when you just trust your getting the best service you end up with something substandard. What is the wisdom in micromanaging your landscape contractor to get a pristine yard and dropping your guard with your health contractor for a body addicted to chemicals? Have you ever asked the contractor for references, what does his yard look like? How about the doctor? It has been said that doctor mortality rate is higher then patients. Have you asked you doctor are they physically or mentally addicted to any regular drugs also? Have you heard the saying “Blind leading the blind?” Have they succeeded after their many years of education under big Pharma in “maintaining and restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.” in their own body? Many doctors only have only a few minutes for the patients that don’t demand quality service, don’t be that guy or gal and certainly not that parent. Consider making your goal of having doctor…. to not need having a doctor. Being over 40 without a doctor is something I’m proud of and it begun when I started asking my doctor quality question that anyone prescribing chemicals should know the answers to not just allowing them to recite the answers taught by chemical drug companies on a test.  Like patients on cocktails of dozens of drugs who healed magically after stop taking drugs… or the street addict who’s life got back on track after going sober I haven’t taken a drug in almost a decade and interestingly enough not taking drugs seemed to have resolved my need for them…. mhhhhh

Wisdom is reducing the chemicals in our natural body and getting out of your healers way(the immune system), especially ones that have no other healing benefit then a high or feeling better… much less those with side effects such as suicide or sudden death. RIP to my two over medicated hero’s my father Thomas Hay and Robyn Williams both went to a medical system that failed them but succeeded at dealing drugs for big pharma. Feel better treating symptoms “ISM” practices will not only take our wealthiest stars but our closest loved ones. Billions in the bank can’t stop a chronic illness after you toss away your bodies natural environment and functions that have healed for 2.5 billion years on the faith that “drug doctors” will be “medical doctors” unchallenged. Find an ND or MD that actually pledges to do no harm as opposed to not be the chemical pharmaceutical companies mouth piece for general public research.

Contrary to News Headlines, Robin Williams Was on Drugs at the Time of His Death—Antidepressant Drugs

Kenyatte Hay
Naturalist Blogger
“Carrying the title of a medical doctor but preforming a premeditated role for pharmaceutical companies is not only false advertisement but far worse a crime than any illegal drug dealer on any street. The theft of hope is the greatest immoral crime on a practice of 0 ethics.” Kenyatte Hay
The opinions and views of bloggers are not necessarily that of Greenology Organic Living. It is our goal to have compelling content on the topics of living with increased health to start the conversation/thought process to encourage readers to make up their own minds.

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Aparently a Spoonful of Sugar Makes the Medicine go up with Blood Pressure


We have been told for decades eating fat is the culprit in making blood pressure go up causing heart disease, strokes, heart attacks etc. However for almost a decade now research has indicated that fat is not the culprit in study after study pointing towards “added sugar”. Heart disease is the #1 killer in America which is caused by adding sugar to foods. Why is there no major announcement? Where is the outrage? Where are the moms breaking sugar bowls? The public is largely unaware sugar is filling graves blaming fat and eating food high in cholesterol as the cause.

While I love conspiracies about overpopulation and letting the herds lack of knowledge reduce itself… the fact is statin drugs bring in 100’s of billions of dollars and almost single handily prop up the massive pharmaceutical industry. It’s no conspiracy but a business plan that spent millions to develop a line of drugs called statins that disable the liver to reduce cholesterol levels was solid. The statins drugs are already under fire because of the long term affects of disabling the livers natural enzyme production.  The links between low cholesterol and brain damage, Alzheimers and dementia and pretty damning on there own. But if the larger population became aware that not only the danger of statins but the fact they do not increase life span would collapse this overpraised industry. That knowledge would fuel the growing distrust of drug use for health improvement, that drug companies have only the interest of addicting America to their products.

Research shows Sugar as root cause of CVD
Research shows Sugar as root cause of CVD

Science shows that Cholesterol spikes with the intake of sugar because sugar causes a release of inflammatory compounds which cause damage in the vascular walls precipitating damage in the artery walls resulting in heart disease. There is no debate any longer that sugar causes heart disease, no scientific debate anyway so the message is reduce your sugar intake immediately. Stop trusting the almost century old myth that eating fat makes you fat. A myth becomes a lie when it is proven false, which is all well an good if lives are not at stake.

Life Change for your Family:

Remove the sugar bowl from your home and reduce significantly or stop buying sweets with added sugar. Me personally I will still eat the occasional deadly apple pie or horrible twinkie but no longer lie to myself that any amount is acceptable. I believe Michael Pollans food rules that we have to know when to break the rules but also know the truth and feed our kids on that knowledge. We all pick our poisons but it’s only a tragedy if you aren’t aware what the poisons are and raise your kids with killer eating habits.

Example of products with added sugars:
sugar-sweetened beverages like regular soft drinks,
sugars and candy
grain-based desserts such as cakes cookies, and pies,
fruit drinks (fruitades and fruit punch),
dairy desserts and milk products including ice cream, sweetened yogurt, and sweetened milk,
other grain based foods such as cinnamon toast and honey-nut waffles

So apparently not only does a spoonful of sugar make the medicine go down but it is the sugar that makes the medicine necessary except it’s ineffective.

Topic Specialist Quotes:

“Everyone focuses on cholesterol with heart disease. Cholesterol is found at the scene of the crime but it is not the culprit. Sugar is the villian in heart disease.” Steven Sinatra M.D Cardiologist Author of The Great Cholesterol Myth

“Obesity is such that this generation of children could be the first basically in the history of the United States to live less healthful and shorter lives than their parents,” said Dr. David S. Ludwig, director of the obesity program at Children’s Hospital Boston

“And more and more studies and reports were coming out demonstrating that the real initiators of damage in the arteries were oxidation and inflammation, with cholesterol more or less in the role of innocent bystander. Oxidation and inflammation, along with sugar and stress (more on that in chapters 4 and 8), were clearly what aged the human body the most.”  Jonny Bowden, The Great Cholesterol Myth

“Low-fat had become the new mantra of the times, something we like to call the “Snackwell Phenomenon.” Food companies rushed to create low-fat versions of every food imaginable, all marketed as “heart-healthy,” with no cholesterol. (No one seemed to notice that manufacturers replaced the missing fat with tons of sugar and processed carbs, both of which are far more dangerous to our hearts than fat ever was.)”  Jonny Bowden, The Great Cholesterol Myth

Further Reading:

Statin Scam: People with Higher Cholesterol Live Longer than People with Low Cholesterol

The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease – And the Statin-Free Plan That Will

Added Sugars Add to Your Risk of Dying from Heart Disease

Further Watching:

Kenyatte Hay
Naturalist Blogger
“The exciting time we live in allows for horrible yet lifesaving data through chronic illness deaths to save as many children as we can through no longer accepting the notion our ancestors tried and tested ways worked. Standing the test of time they could not have been the bumbling idiots marketing promoted. The natural green industry is a multi billion dollar industry based on the proof our grandparents weren’t a crazy as we thought and their handed down knowledge and practices we tossed out were actually life saving.” Kenyatte Hay
The opinions and views of bloggers are not necessarily that of Greenology Organic Living. It is our goal to have compelling content on the topics of living with increased health to start the conversation/thought process to encourage readers to make up their own minds.