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Orchid Floating Mountains


4 pot orchid mountainBalanced on 2 invisible lines and locally American made from mostly natural materials hand formed to look like anything natural but a pot. Our orchid pots have side drainage to allow for a 1/4-1/2 of water acting as a humidity tray making care easier. The pots naturally absorb water and releases it slowly back to the plant helping to keep your orchid moisture naturally consistent.

Being lightweight almost any hook can hold the single and double pot. 3 and 4 holder pots require a hook to hold 4-8 lbs. Support the mountain from the bottom as you hang it. You can hang the mountain horizontally level of slightly vertical to give a different perspective by adding an extra loop of string on the hook for extra friction.

Like any plant select the method that works best for your habits. Use a mister, turkey baster or ice cubes twice a week or as needed to keep the moss visually moist.

You can get a second bloom from your orchid often enough if you cut the flower off before the stem dries out. Cut the stem above the 3rd node to entice one of the node to bud and make a new flower stem.

Standard mini orchid plugAfter Bloom:
Most of our mountains simply have the orchid sitting in them inside their own orchid pot. After your orchid bloom is gone, you can pull the plant out and place a new blooming mini orchid in. After you have a few mini orchids in this standard size pots (sold in most grocery stores) you should always have a blooming orchid to place in your mountain.

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