Air Plant Planters (Tillandsia)


Picking the correct air plant planters is key to the health of your air plant. Your air plant planters should be at least twice as large as the air plant for a good flow of air. air flow is important to your air plants nutrient intake. If your air plant planters are glass orbs it’s better to get one with multiples holes for increased air flow or leave the plants frawns hanging outside the orb.

Air Plant Planters
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Never place dirt in your air plant planters because Tilandsia have not evolved to fight of soil born bacteria and diseases. Soil also tends to hold far too much moisture for air plants to tolerate. Keep in mind air plants need the air and to dry out in your home just how they do outside. Indoors far less water evaporates off their surface then outdoor so pay attention to the air plant and make sure it is completely dry 24 hours after water.

Air plants can be placed outdoors under a good canopy to avoid full sun. Only place rocks in your planters which are great for design but certainly nothing that absorbs and holds moisture.

Some materials may not be suitable for air plants. All of our planters are perfectly fine as air plant planters. If you get your planter elsewhere or use something from home please make sure to clean the surface well. Manufacturing oils left on metals can kill air plants as well as chemicals. Driftwood that you harvest should be placed in boiling water or sterilized in another natural way in order to insure now water or soil born disease exist on the material.

Lastly never glue your air plant to a surface. Not only is it torturing these little girls but increases the chance it will harbor moisture, be poisoned or die. Everyone wants to see and enjoy the tilandsia flower and when it as offspring so it’s health is key to your enjoyment.