What plants repel mosquitoes

Question: What plants repel mosquitoes

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Mosquitoes are attracted to odor thus almost any plant with a strong scent can mask your from a distance hiding you from them. No plant that I'm aware of repels them but there are plants that get in the way of their hunt they perhaps are not keen to hunt around. But like anything in nature, know very little and a predator will go to great length for it's prey if it's hungry enough. Deter or annoy is a better word so here are the plants that annoy mosquitos.
Basil: Has a very strong scent and is used for cooking more culinary dishes than you can imagine.
Catnip: The same compound in catnip that calls to your cat repels mosquitoes.
Mint: All mints have a strong scent mosquitoes are not partial too and spreads quickly.
Citrosum: While it has some repellant properties, it's scent isn't as strong as the others.
by June 18, 2017
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