Is organic important for non edible plants?

Question: Is organic important for non edible plants?

Reason Asked: Your the only place I see selling organic flowers and ornamentals.


1. Skin Contact: f you think about the biggest organ in your body... It's your skin and many of the greenhouses that do not have organic and natural principals in growing use significant amounts of pesticides. Many of the big one use pesticides on a schedule. Those chemicals seap in to the soil that you and perhaps your kids plant with.
2. Reusing and re-composting: soil can mix with your organic soils your grow your veggies and herbs in. Reusing and recycling your soil is a great step in living greener. Massive trucks travel this country all day everyday delivering soil that we can make at home without the co2 load. 3. Mammals around the house and our pets: munch on our plants on occasion, they don't need pesticides in their diets. 4. Bees and hummingbirds: land, feeds and pollinate our flowers and they already have enough problems without adding more pesticides to the environment. 5. Big Chemical: Simple support of the chemical pesticide industry should be avoided where possible. 6. Birds: Why give them the opportunity to land on or eat seeds diluted in chemicals?
by June 16, 2017

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