Growing Dahlia in Your Garden


Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberousherbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico and Central America. They attract pollinators to your garden. Dahlias are hardy to zone 8 and higher, and will survive if you cut it back and mulched in the winter. In colder zones, the tubers can be dug and stored until spring. They come in wide array of colors and forms. Dahlia will grow anywhere from 16” to 60” depending on variety. Most will need staking to prevent stems from braking as they mature.
Plant them in well draining soil with plenty of organic matter.

Flowering Season

They will produce flowers from summer to first frost

Light Needs

Dahlias require full sun, with 6 or more hours of sunlight daily. Less sun will result in decreased flowering.

 Watering Needs

They need to be watered regularly especially in the summer but avoid overwatering to prevent tubers from rotting. Water them close to the base to prevent getting leaves wet.


Deadheading spent flowers regularly will ensure profusion of flowers until first frost. They are beautiful in fresh flower arrangement!​​​​

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