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We have embarked in some of the biggest experiments in the history of the human race. At Greenology we accept scientific wisdom states we need turn back the clock on some of these experiments on our families and environment. “All technology is not progress”. Eating organic is the first step in securing your families health because the chemicals you rub on your skin and breath in your lungs are just as concerning.

Greenology Organic Living is a business that sees a need for helping modern humans return to a more natural sustainable existence. It is important to continue technological progress, however in a manner that ensures the chemicals we are are exposed have been tested thoroughly with the long term effects being understood. We constantly update our product line based on the latest science based research so our customers don’t have to.

greenology organic living
greenology organic living

We focus on helping our customers find natural sustainable solutions(organic certified where available) in the areas of food, medicines, gardening, skin care and home decoration. Greenology does not promote any particular organic certifications but operates on the understanding that some testing and certification is better than none and growing it at home is best. However, certification with lose standards are not accepted.

Skin Care: Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs anything that remains on it. This pleads the case for preventing our skin from coming in contact with as a many chemicals(unnatural) elements as possible whether proven carcinogenic or not.

Gardening: Growing your own food is the best way to increase your health and avoid chemicals in our food, however growing all your own food isn’t realistic in modern times thus growing some of your food is a great idea. Now science is studying beneficial bacteria and enzymes we know that even munching on a freshly picked herb can have dramatic affect on your health. ¬†We help home gardeners with the easiest low maintenance organic methods of raising food using sustainable permaculture methods and easily automatable aquaponic systems. Aquaponics and system thought out gardening methods can reduce runoff limiting the load on water treatment improving the quality of the water we drink. Most of our plants are vegan friendly meaning not grown in manure supporting factory farming. By the end of 2016 100% of our plants will be vegan friendly. Most of our plants are grown sustainable by us not shipped in reducing our carbon footprint significantly.


Environmentally Friendly Gifts and Home Decoration: The primary external element entering our bodies is air thus we must attempt to breath in the cleanest air possible. For most people the most polluted are breathed in is the air in our homes because of the dust and off gassing of various purchased items. We encourage decorating your homes with as much natural and even living art where possible. Natural materials do not off gas chemicals and living natural art aid in filtering the air, especially in winter when there air exchange with the outside is limited.

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