Floating Mountain Garden

Exclusive to Greenology,  our Floating Mountain Garden is a new and unique way  to grow vertical garden in and outside of your home. All are crafted  locally by hand with no two alike.  They are balanced minimally by 2 strings and lightweight for ease of installation.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your gardening and decor needs.  They typically have 1 to 4 variety of plants with similar light and watering needs.  You may opt for high light and low watering needs like  cactišŸŒµ and succulents or low to medium light and mod to high watering needs like tropical plants. Some people prefers to have beautiful flowering plants like  lantana or bougainvillea. Another popular option is tropical bonsai planted in a 2 tiered Floating Mountain with trailing plant at its base.

We also have made modifications to fit pretty orchids and air plants from miniature to your giant varieties.

Hanging in groups of 3 or 5, they offer your home an amazing display of plants in front of a window, bare wall, or a corner of your home.