Seasonal Aquaponics


Last updated: August 30, 2016 at 17:12 pm
Aquaponics is merger of aquaculture and hydroponics. The Koi feed the plants and the plants clean the water for the Koi.

This merger invented the easiest growing system for homeowners who are busy on the go in today’s society. It also demonstrated drastic increases in organic garden productivity, more sustainable water conservation/runoff and grow system automation.

Greenology additionally mergers in aesthetics Koi pond making a beautiful yet effectively green garden feature. 

How do I get started?

seasonal aquaponics

Greenology can build starter systems in your backyard with ease. Here is a starter system built in 1.5 hours in the streets of chestnut Hill for the 2014 home and Garden show.

Our team knows what they are doing and will make sure you have a quick and easy supported start.

Measure 8’X11′ Pond with bamboo design veggie flood and drain grow bed.(grow bed also come in Reclaimed Barnwood or Outdoor Grade T111)


Reclaimed Barn Wood


Seasonal AquaponicsConstruction:

Concrete Blocks
Aestics cover blocks that accentuate your garden
Aestic growbed
Plumbing, pump, bell siphon







Aquatic Feature Benefits

Home gardeners experience various benefits in adding aquaponics to their gardens:

Natural Pest Prevention: “An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Water attacks various beneficial bugs and reptiles that helps create a balance in your organic garden. Pest control is avoided when you deploy natural water features.

 Mosquito Control: In addition to attracting a natural balance to help your plants water also attracts predator bugs that eat mosquitoes. 1 frog can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in 1 evening. Enjoy your garden at night without toxic candles and bug sprays.

 More Veggies: Enjoy increased production for most veggies from allowing the plants roots to eat and hydrate to their hearts content without growing root to search for it.

 Avoid Wilting: Pennsylvania summers can be hot and very dry but with plenty of water your veggies tolerate the dry heat a lot better. Gardening Water Conservation: Aquaponics utilizes the same water over and over sustainably limiting water usage and runoff.


Aerated Water Source: Even your soil garden will benefit from being irrigated with water from your water feature/pond. Soil micro biology health is required for good plant growth and increasing the depth of your soil. Pond water is not chlorinated and full of beneficial aerated bacteria’s that can seed your dirt gardens.

Relaxation/Stress Relief: Water features and swimming Koi have a way of soothing the soul after a hard days work. Stress reduction increasing life quality in every way.

Automation: Greenology hydo-gardens are designed to be automated and monitored to let you live your life while you grow some of your family’s healthiest organic fresh food possible.

Aesthetics: Water features make it possible to grow a larger range of colorful tropical plants that are aquatic based. When the worst of summer arrives these plants will thrive not wilt in the heat. 


What do I do with Koi in the winter?
Koi go lethargic in Philadelphia winter, consider:
In ground ponds: they sleep under the ice until the water warms up in spring. Use de-icer to keep to entire surface from icing

Raised Ponds: Koi can be brought indoors, use a pond heater(insulated pond) or use fish winter storage services.

Are their help or maintenance services?
We have all inclusive services for aquaponics and Koi ponds from complete installation to caring/feeding the fish or just DIY kits and consultancy.

What do I do when I’m vacation?
Nothing, Koi will snack on the plants and wait for your return. Use a Koi feeder or Koi sitter services for long times away.

How do you fertilize the plants?
By feeding the fish. Domestically, these are balanced systems requiring few natural inputs.

Can I grow indoors or in winter?
Yes, you can grow in a heated sun room, greenhouse, a basement or even in an apartment all year.

How much space do I need?
Very little, one great thing about aquaponics is it scales well because the plants need less roots so you can grow much more in very tight area or spread out in large aquatic aquascapes.

Can I use my existing pond?
Of course but make sure to convert your pond over to a natural pond. Ie. Bog filtration(no carbon), minimal UV sterilizing and never treat the water with chemicals. Natural ponds with some preparation should not require these products.

How do I plant in pebbles?
Sprinkle seeds on the pebbles or just plant your organic seedlings right in the pebbles.

How much can I grow in a small space?
Because plant roots in hyrdo systems do not have to search for nutrition, they are much smaller. This allows growers to have very densely planted grow beds.

Stop by Greenology with your questions and are more then happy to help you get started.

Most importantly just have fun with your family and kids

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Last updated: August 30, 2016 at 17:12 pm