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Does Serrapeptase dissolve scar tissue?


Does Serrapetase dissolve scar tissue ? (also known as Serratio Peptidase or serratiopeptidase)

I ask the question because it seems doctors are inconsistant in answering the question which leads me to believe either some are well wishers or some are not reading research. It is a profoundly critical question because many chronic diseases end in or star with scared tissue which if can’t be repaired has incalculable consequences on the persons life. Knowing that a persons life hangs in the balance and trust in the answer it is more important to pose the question another way. Perhaps in a way that will not condemn nor give false hope while placing a hefty significance on it’s severity. I prefer the question: Is scar tissue ever healed, ever healed in the area I have it, was it at reasonable cost, what healed it and were there any risks?

It’s like treating cancer… sometimes it works and others it doesn’t based on many factors our science can’t determine yet. Thus if you get cancer as opposed to choosing to do nothing you get treated or change your diet/lifestyle. So in kind if you have scar tissue in a place that posses a risk to your life or lifestyle common sense says to make the best attempt heal as opposed to allowing disease to takes it’s course.

Being a potential life safer I have no interest in what people or doctors think only what studies show. So let’s have a look at what the research says:

Has a study ever shown scar tissue being dissolved by serrapeptase and what repaired it?

544 patient study showing serratiopeptidase groups repaired tissue at a significant higher rate than the non enzyme group. Combination therapy including serratiopeptidase improves outcomes of mechanical-antibiotic treatment of periimplantitis.

Being a natural not chemical process, knowing nature likes to work slow but diliberate I would aspect varies results because we tend to approach research from a chemical drug perspective. We want to see the same result on the same dosage on short periods of time. The way drug commandeer the bodies system is easier to calculate on given the various unknown factors while natural processes are far more gentle on the body by nature. An example would be a chemical cleaner verse a natural enzyme one. The chemical may kill bacteria right away on contact while the natural enzyme will slowly eat the bacteria over a period of time based on many other factors that control its appetite and ability to digest. The chemical cleaner is very easy to study while the natural one relies on factors we rarley understand let alone have consistent study to study.

Can enzymes like serrapeptase live through the stomach acid to benefit the body?
Looking around for research on serrapetase you will quickly find a neigh sayer saying it can’t live through the stomach to make it to the bloodstream. As well you will see those who say some or all do… The following research proves them both right to a degrees and why.

Research For:

A multi-centre, double-blind study of serrapeptase versus placebo in post-antrotomy buccal swelling Humans given pills 3 times a day.

Serrapeptase and nattokinase intervention for relieving Alzheimer’s disease pathophysiology in rat model. Rats given oral enzymes

Due to the acidity of the stomach you want to select a supplement capsule that has an enteric coating to increase effectiveness of the enzyme dissolving in the intestine. From there it makes it into the blood stream with the evidence being the 2 above studies and reference 1 and 2. Being a natural product, larger dosages can be taken as it is said there are no side effects other than diarhea. Dr William Wong brings to light what he calls the activation dosage, meaning the dosage level when you start to feel/see a result. Based on the studies that this enzyme will breakdown the scar tissue if a sufficient amount can arrive at the target scar tissue site.

Research against:

Anti-inflammatory effect of the serratiopeptidase–rationale or fashionable: a study in rat paw oedema model induced by the carrageenan. A ridiculous study done to see if serrapeptase worked after 30 minutes on a rats paw. This is why it is very important to read the studies. The intent of the study was said to question the enzymes because there have been no clinical trials. An obvious attempt to discredit all the logic based research based on the fact enzymes take time and are not drug quick fixes. This study proves there are those seeking to discredit enzymes and that enzymes to not work in 30 minutes.

Examines: Serrapeptase (All Essential Benefits/Effects/Facts & Information)

My Conclusion:

There is enough plausible evidence to enter serrapeptase into the fleet of what to try for scar tissue instead of doing nothing. There is enough in the way of studies and testimonies for a non clinical trial requiring person to take it very serious. So Does serrapeptase dissolve scar tissue? Yes it does but will it for you, at any dossage level, in any capsule, as quick as you want, given any condition, location or size or the scar…. No, it’s a natural treatment so like an apple in your bodies time brings energy and good health you eat it and WAIT FOR IT.


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