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How much chlorine is in coffee?

chlorine is in coffee
chlorine is in coffee
chlorine is in coffee

This morning I was wondering about how much chlorine is in coffee made in an automatic coffee machines? Most automatic coffee machines that I’ve seen boil water which by pressure is forced through tubing to the top of the machine and drips back into the filter. Why even ask the question? Well mostly because I try to live healthier whenever I can as opposed to going with the flow in a society with decaying health. I’m not sure if my back is back to eden but certain back to great grandpa because his generation lived much live and were far stronger and healthier. Every aspect of American life has become consumable and unsustainable so I question every time I’m told I need to keep buying something over and over… that there is no better way.

I’m told to add a carbon based chlorine filter to my coffee filter because there is significant chlorine in coffee after brewing. I pause on the idea of adding carbon filters to my coffee/morning routine. There are increased dangers of not swapping out the filters in time and I can barely keep up with swapping the water filter. Also I’d prefer a much more sustainable approach out side of the healthy choice of harvesting well water. If your ok trucking water check out Where to Harvest Spring Water in your area and thanks Collin for the link. There is no real harm in drinking small bits of carbon because its relatively chemically inert and should just pass right through you. I once dug so deep in my garden I hit carbon deposits… I eat carbon all the time i’m sure not to mention for the most part all humans are carbon based except politicians I think.

The Hidden Dangers Of Drinking Water

After doing a little research I’ve concluded I’m not concerned with how much chlorine is in coffee after using tap water in my morning coffee process. (Yes I drink coffee eat morning, it perhaps is a poison but we all pick which areas to go healthier first.) My thought is my process makes the water in my coffee safer than the few dumb times I drink from the tap without filter first because I didn’t fill the water pitcher the night before.

1. The sink has a aerator which is designed to remove some of the chlorine gas. This is why you smell Chlorine when running the faucet.

2. The pour from the coffee machine and into the cup removes more, like all exchanges between air and water allows gas to escape.

3. As the water boils and drips back into the filter more Chlorine is removed from my diet.
A video on how the standard automatic coffee machine works:

4. Seldom do I make it to the coffee machine immediately(gas escaping) and slowly sip it even more is remove. Sitting water is a way to let the gas escape and hot water/coffee release more chlorine gas. I would think much more than cold more inert water in that heating water is a documented way to remove chlorine.

I will not be changing my morning process, I can’t see where anyone should really be concerned about coffee prepared in these machines sipped over the morning. As I take my last sip from coffee I started drinking at 6am, it is now 12:46. As for my drinking water I tend to fill it at night and the pitcher degases as I sleep.